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Active Sound

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Maxhaust Active Sound

Realistic engine sounds, generated by complex algorithms and reproduced by a precisely tuned speaker system. Refittable to almost any vehicle.

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Unlimited, unparalleled and unbeaten in functionality

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One module

Multiple sounds


How to develop the perfect
engine sound?
By going to the source!
Our engineers develop realistic sounds from the best engines in the world.

Authentic misfire

Not only the vehicle enthusiast's heart beats faster. Goosebumps guaranteed!

Listen in
High Speaker

Our sound module can do more!

Expandable with up to 4 speakers

Deep Speaker

Voluminous, brute, savage, phenomenal!
Whether outside, inside or in the engine compartment.
Perfect sound in every position.

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Full integration in the vehicle

Fast and safe.
The basic functions can be operated without restrictions using the original vehicle buttons.
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2 years warranty
on all built-in parts


Developed & manufactured
in Germany




30 Days
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