Ambient Light

Maxhaust Ambient Light conjures harmonious interior lighting in your vehicle. And the best part? Everything can be conveniently controlled individually via app, original vehicle buttons and automated via scenes.

Available Q4

A new dimension

There are no limits to the interior lighting in terms of colors, gradients and color plays. Our animated interior lighting leaves nothing to be desired.

of Color combinations
with color gradient, animation, multi-zones and scene control

Animated color plays in your interior make your vehicle something very special. Welcome animation when entering the car? No problem. Animated color change from Comfort to Sport mode?
With multi-zones you can set different colors between different zones and thus create your individual interior concept.
Seamless transitions between colors can be combined to beautiful color plays in the interior and let your interior shine in a completely new light.

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Perfect to integrate

Easy and safe retrofitting for almost all vehicle manufacturers (such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover and many more).


Your interior lighting as individual as you are. There are no limits in colors, animations, gradients and intensities. From discreet to fancy. You decide. You can change your mind at any time at the touch of a button.

Define the brightness yourself

Full control over the lighting thanks to intuitive setting options in the app

Example of possible interior lighting

Perfect to operate

Control via the app, driving profiles & vehicle buttons

Each driving profile can have a different color, brightness or even animation and can be automated. Relaxed blue with a slight glow effect in Comfort mode or a strong red as soon as it goes into Sport mode. You decide.

Experience the Convenience of Our App's Scene Function, Allowing You to Effortlessly Connect Your Vehicle Buttons and States with All Maxhaust Products. With this function, your smartphone stays in your pocket while your vehicle takes complete control.
Your car responds smart and independently to all your wishes and inputs modify the vehicle's original software.
Each product in our app is assigned a unique scene color, allowing you to quickly identify which scene corresponds to which product. This color coding ensures a clear and easy overview, enabling you to navigate effortlessly and find your desired settings quickly.
Created scenes in the app can be deleted or deactivated as desired. You also have the option to run multiple scenes simultaneously. A practical example: when unlocking your vehicle, the Active Sound system can automatically turn on a preconfigured ACTIVE SOUND profile. At the same time, a warm welcome is played through the custom sounds.
Vehicle buttons can be assigned multiple functions, providing you with expanded control options. For instance, by pressing the ESP button twice, you can switch profiles, and by pressing it four times, you can turn off the system. Creating scenes in the app is incredibly simple. Once you have configured your scenes, your phone can stay at home, and you can control your entire system conveniently with the existing vehicle controls.
The installation

Do it yourself or have it done.
We help you with your decision and are always available with advice and support.

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