Air Suspension
control via app
Individual lowering
with Maxhaust Air Suspension Control

Available Q3

Provided that Maxhaust Bridge and air suspension license are present.

Complete deflation

The vehicle can be brought to maximum depth when stationary, in which the suspension is completely deflated. Eye-catchers guaranteed! Of course, the opposite is also possible. By the push of a button! Simply let the vehicle go to a completely individual height.

Plug & Play

Simple installation, simple operation. Nothing is changed on the suspension itself, but we give you full control over it. Millimeter-precise adjustment of your suspension via APP.

Air Suspension

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Control everything via app

No screwing, no tinkering. Once installed and connected to the app, the suspension can be adjusted individually with just a few button presses. Positions can be saved, preset and combined with other products.

Air Suspension

For all vehicles that have a standard air suspension installed from the manufacturer!

List of vehicles

List of standard air suspensions that we currently offer.
Coming soon...

Vehicle not in the list?

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Experience the Convenience of Our App's Scene Function, Allowing You to Effortlessly Connect Your Vehicle Buttons and States with All Maxhaust Products. With this function, your smartphone stays in your pocket while your vehicle takes complete control.
Your car responds smart and independently to all your wishes and inputs modify the vehicle's original software.
Each product in our app is assigned a unique scene color, allowing you to quickly identify which scene corresponds to which product. This color coding ensures a clear and easy overview, enabling you to navigate effortlessly and find your desired settings quickly.
Created scenes in the app can be deleted or deactivated as desired. You also have the option to run multiple scenes simultaneously. A practical example: when unlocking your vehicle, the Active Sound system can automatically turn on a preconfigured ACTIVE SOUND profile. At the same time, a warm welcome is played through the custom sounds.
Vehicle buttons can be assigned multiple functions, providing you with expanded control options. For instance, by pressing the ESP button twice, you can switch profiles, and by pressing it four times, you can turn off the system. Creating scenes in the app is incredibly simple. Once you have configured your scenes, your phone can stay at home, and you can control your entire system conveniently with the existing vehicle controls.
The installation

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