Active Sound

Active Sound
The Maxhaust Active Sound System was specifically designed to enhance the exhaust sound of your car. Enjoy the powerful roar of a V8 muscle car or experience the aggressive sound of a racing car with the most innovative system on the market. Discover the revolutionary world of engine and electric sounds with Maxhaust
More Than Just a Sound
Our Active Sound System sets new standards
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Maxhaust Bridge
All products united
The most innovative app for all Maxhaust products.

Add products, customize settings, and enjoy a user friendly, intuitive interface that takes your driving experience to a new level.

A must-have for you, the trend-conscious driver, who wants to combine technology and driving pleasure.
User friendly Interface
Profile Overview
Keep track of your favorite sounds and create up to 16 individual profiles. All features such as volume, sound selection, rpm adjustment, etc., can be saved in your profiles.

Switch quickly and easily between profiles via the app or the original vehicle buttons, such as your Comfort/Sport driving experience buttons.
Engine Simulation
In Showroom Mode, you can simulate a drive, including changes in speed and gear shifts.
Even revving the engine while parked is possible.

Perfect for the showroom, at trade shows, or even privately in your home garage – demonstrate your Active Sound System without having to start the engine.
Emission in Perfektion
With our automatic speaker recognition, the appropriate speaker is directly integrated into the app.

You can adjust each recognized speaker individually.
Over five rpm ranges, you can adjust the volume individually to achieve the perfect sound experience.
If needed, you can also load preset settings.
What makes the Engine go round
In this category, you have the option to adjust the idle speed, customize dynamics during the drive, and simulate an uneven engine run while stationary.

Additionally, you can control the volume under load and adjust the responsiveness of the gas pedal.
Make your car roar
Explore a various selection of starter sounds to personalize your car's ignition experience. You can choose from a broad spectrum, including the thunderous roar of a powerful engine or the distinctive, nostalgic starter sound of a classic VW Beetle.

Additionally, you have the option to activate the cold start function, where our system simulates 1200 RPM for the time you set to create a realistic cold start experience.
Sound also without a combustion engine
Your combustion engine in Electro Mode. RPMs with or without gear shifts can be simulated, similar to an electric car.
For hybrid vehicles, it is possible to simulate the sound in both e-mode and combustion mode.

Electric vehicles exclusively benefit from the pure E-Mode to optimize the electric driving experience. In Hybrid and E-Mode the number of gears can be set between 1 and 12.
Missfire, Pop & Bangs or Simply…
In our extensive sound library, you'll find a variety of backfire sounds. Choose the perfect sound to give your vehicle a distinctive accent.

You also have the option to individually set the trigger point and strength of the backfires.
Hissing and Whistling When the Valve Opens…
Our system can deceptively simulate blow-offs valves. Immerse yourself in the world of sounds, where the sound and volume change depending on the RPM, giving your vehicle a unique touch.

Whether you prefer a gentle hiss or a powerful whistle, find the perfect blow-off sound for your car. A feature that excites auto enthusiasts.
Individual Sound Design
Each engine or E-sound consists of up to five subsounds that react in different ways. Some respond to RPM or brake, while others respond to the speed of the vehicle.
Depending on the gas pedal, we also generate a turbo whistle.
With subsounds, you have full control! Choose what YOU want to hear. Each subsound can be activated and deactivated as desired – simply with a click
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Sound has a name - Maxhaust

Sound module - Made in Germany

Our sound module, made for more!
More power, more sounds, more possibilities.

Especially with today's high-performance petrol engines, whose volume is increasingly being reduced, our system perfectly underscores the petrol sound and gives it an impressive presence. The Maxhaust Sound Generator also transforms your vehicle, whether diesel, gasoline or electric, into an acoustic masterpiece.

Four loudspeaker channels guarantee clear reproduction and a rich, voluminous, unique sound experience.
Soundaktor and Sound Booster technology that you not only hear, but also feel.
Integration with the Vehicle
Why install new buttons when your vehicle already has them? Why use an external remote control when your car itself can be the remote control?

Since the beginning of our Active Sound development, our goal has been to seamlessly integrate the system into your car.

With our app, you can create various driving profiles and link them to specific vehicle buttons. This way, depending on your equipment, you can turn your sound on and off with the CANCEL button on the cruise control or assign profiles to your driving experience buttons like Comfort / Auto / Dynamic without affecting their original functions.

Enjoy unrestricted control and flexibility – safely and easily, even while driving.
Design Meets Sound
Maxhaust Speaker Set
Developed for easy installation and excellent sound, our developers placed the highest value on creating compact speakers that deliver realistic sound while being space-saving and easy to install.
Deep Speaker
The Deep Speaker, encased in a durable fiberglass-reinforced plastic housing, stands out for its robust, lifelike sound and remarkable volume. Our pioneering housing design is credited with delivering authentic audio experiences and realistic vibrations, setting a new standard for sound quality.
The High Speaker perfects the sound. It produces higher tones and gives sounds an impressive, powerful note. Backfires, blow-offs and turbo sounds sound loud and crisp, which intensifies the realistic exhaust sound of a super-car.
High Speaker
Vibration Speaker
The Vibration Speaker use the sheet metal of the hood to produce sound and vibrations through sound waves. This mitigates the characteristic clattering noise of diesel engines while also concentrating the sound to the front of the vehicle. When connected to the intake of the interior ventilation system, it ensures a subtle and pleasing auditory experience inside the cabin.

Speaker comparison

Compare Highsound Speaker
Mounting location
bottom of vehicle / trunk cavity bottom of vehicle/ engine compartment hood / interior
Included in the set
yes / optional also as 2nd actuator yes, in a bundle set no
basic sound / low and medium tones Backfire, Blow-Offs, Starter-Sounds, Turbos, E-Sounds diesel vehicle
120dB 130dB 70dB
∅:261mm B:216mm H:149mm ∅:114mm B:90mm H:78mm ∅:67mm B:84mm H:38mm
2150g 1090g 238g
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Electric and hybrid
For the engine sounds, we simulate a synthetic engine speed and gear changes based on the speed and throttle position.
With these values we generate an authentic engine sound that gives you the driving experience of a Combustion engine.

You do not want a combustion engine sound?
The sound module also has a number of e-sounds that are exactly the signs of the future and we go with the times.
Our software supports both full electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles.
Scene MaxhaustScenescenescene
Experience the Convenience of Our App's Scene Function, Allowing You to Effortlessly Connect Your Vehicle Buttons and States with All Maxhaust Products. With this function, your smartphone stays in your pocket while your vehicle takes complete control.
Your car responds smart and independently to all your wishes and inputs modify the vehicle's original software.
Each product in our app is assigned a unique scene color, allowing you to quickly identify which scene corresponds to which product. This color coding ensures a clear and easy overview, enabling you to navigate effortlessly and find your desired settings quickly.
Created scenes in the app can be deleted or deactivated as desired. You also have the option to run multiple scenes simultaneously. A practical example: when unlocking your vehicle, the Active Sound system can automatically turn on a preconfigured ACTIVE SOUND profile. At the same time, a warm welcome is played through the custom sounds.
Vehicle buttons can be assigned multiple functions, providing you with expanded control options. For instance, by pressing the ESP button twice, you can switch profiles, and by pressing it four times, you can turn off the system. Creating scenes in the app is incredibly simple. Once you have configured your scenes, your phone can stay at home, and you can control your entire system conveniently with the existing vehicle controls.
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Custom Sounds

Custom Sounds

Why only engine or e-sounds?

With custom sounds you can expand your active sound system with another feature that will amaze everyone! In conjunction with the scene control, you can also let other sounds play in addition to the app. For example, you can (depending on the vehicle type) specify that a certain sound should play when unlocking and another sound when locking your vehicle. Replace the horn of your vehicle completely with a train horn or a horn of a beetle! The possibilities are endless and the sound selection is constantly expanding.
199.- €
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The installation

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