Custom Sounds

Custom Sounds
Create a unique personality for your vehicle with our high-quality customizable sound effects!
Enjoy individual sounds when locking or unlocking your car or impressive tones by honking your horn. We offer a wide selection to make your car stand out from the masses! Explore the world of acoustic customization!
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a new Soundscape!

Dive into the world of endless possibilities!
Our sound selection is constantly expanding to ensure you always find the latest and most exciting sounds.
Explore different categories where dozens of sounds are waiting for you to download!

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Infinite variety, endless possibilities!

Convincing and realistic sound samples!*

Locking and unlocking

Start your trip with a futuristic, unique sound when unlocking your car and hear an individual confirmation tone when locking it.

Horns and Fanfares

For those who like an individual and impressive horn sound, we offer Train Horns, Fanfares, and other alternatives to the standard horn! Replace your built-in horn and upgrade your vehicle horn to a totally unique sound.

Welcome on board

Do you like the feeling of luxury and elegance? Our Welcome Sounds greet you with a sound of your choice as soon as you open the driver's door – for an unforgettable start to every ride. Rear passengers also deserve an exclusive welcome!
Every opening of the rear doors can be accompanied by a graceful sound that conveys an elegant welcome to your guests.

Safety first

Safety is our top priority! Our advanced reversing warning system ensures that your surroundings are always alert when you're pulling back. As soon as the reverse gear is engaged, an individual warning sounds alerts pedestrians and others who may be in your path.
* For compatible Vehicles only
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Custom Sounds for Every Occasion
Our Custom Sound system is not limited to modern vehicles with Can-Bus integration. That's why we've designed our system to seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles, including those without a Can-Bus system.
Whether your vehicle is older or simply lacks a Can-Bus system, our sound system can still be seamlessly installed. It only requires a 12-volt power source to unleash its full performance. This means you can enjoy excellent sound quality and impressive effects regardless of your vehicle type.

Custom Sounds is committed to making setup and usage as straightforward as possible. You can conveniently control the entire system through our user-friendly app, without relying on Can-Bus integration. We offer flexibility and quality, regardless of your vehicle type. Explore the world of high-quality sound and upgrade your vehicle without a Can-Bus system with our sound system.

Top Level

Our products lead in innovation. They are easy to use and based on cutting-edge research.
We always focus on innovation and shape the future of technology.

Be part of this future and secure your Maxhaust product.
Experience the Convenience of Our App's Scene Function, Allowing You to Effortlessly Connect Your Vehicle Buttons and States with All Maxhaust Products. With this function, your smartphone stays in your pocket while your vehicle takes complete control.
Your car responds smart and independently to all your wishes and inputs modify the vehicle's original software.
Each product in our app is assigned a unique scene color, allowing you to quickly identify which scene corresponds to which product. This color coding ensures a clear and easy overview, enabling you to navigate effortlessly and find your desired settings quickly.
Created scenes in the app can be deleted or deactivated as desired. You also have the option to run multiple scenes simultaneously. A practical example: when unlocking your vehicle, the Active Sound system can automatically turn on a preconfigured ACTIVE SOUND profile. At the same time, a warm welcome is played through the custom sounds.
Vehicle buttons can be assigned multiple functions, providing you with expanded control options. For instance, by pressing the ESP button twice, you can switch profiles, and by pressing it four times, you can turn off the system. Creating scenes in the app is incredibly simple. Once you have configured your scenes, your phone can stay at home, and you can control your entire system conveniently with the existing vehicle controls.
The installation

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